Ask Andy: Spring Break


Andy tackles your most challenging problems from the guy's perspective.
Andy tackles your most challenging problems from the guy’s perspective.

What is the best way to spend spring break?

Especially in Granville, a lot of parents take their kids on exotic vacations to different parts of the country or even different parts of the world. This is always an enjoyable time because of the warming weather, fun types of adventures and family time.

However, leaving town can involve some pain that goes along with the fun. For instance, being stuck in an airplane or a car for hours on end can be mind numbing, especially when your family is stuck in there with you.

I personally would rather spend my week off of school at home parked in front of my Netflix trying to watch as many TV series as possible. It may not sound as glorious as laying down under the sun at the beach but I would rather have potato chip crumbs stuck in my belly button than a huge glob of sand.