Football coach Wes Schroeder starts his first year strong


Wyatt Rivers

Head football coach Wes Schroeder led his new team to victory against Zanesville 15-7 and a close game against Licking Valley 24-23.

In Schroeder’s ten years as both an assistant and head coach at Allen East in Northwest, Ohio, he made the playoffs in 9 of the seasons.

“As an assistant at Olentangy Liberty, we won back to back regional and OCC-Buckeye Championships. At Allen East we were the NWC champions for the first time in 24 years and was named Northwest District Coach of the Year,” Schroeder said.

Schroeder also explained how he was excited for his new upcoming year, with most of that excitement being guided toward his new team. “We have players who work hard and there is a solid foundation already within the program,” Schroeder explained.

Schroeder said he wants to raise his new team to a prosperous state, where victories and achievements abound. “I want our guys to work hard, be great teammates, and enjoy their time playing football as we navigate through this pandemic,” Schroeder said.

Shroeder further explained how his first year will be quite an interesting one, both being difficult and quite joyous all together. “It will be both challenging and rewarding. It is always rewarding watching the players grow throughout the course of the year and challenging with all the uncertainty with the Pandemic,” Schroeder hypothesized.

With the football season beginning to thrust into full motion, there will be much to see what Coach Schroeder has in store for the Granville Blue Aces. “Growing to learn and befriend, not only the team, but my co-workers and staff members as well, is also a golden staple for my excitement for this year,” Schroeder notes.