PARCC Testing


Last week marked the end of PARCC testing for Granville High school. While only the freshman had to take the test, plenty of people were affected by the new standardized testing. However, there’s much more to PARCC than just messed up schedules.

Freshman students have had to take these test everyday for the past couple of week. Granted, the amount of time given to the tests was elongated due to snow days; although not by much.

“I think the idea for the tests is good, it’s just how their executing it that needs work” says and anonymous Granville High School source. “I think the idea of using technology to take the tests is a good idea, but having us stare at a screen for 2 hours every day seems a little bit much.”

Overall, the freshman class’s opinion of the new form of testing is not positive. Between the constant repetition of concepts, and having to show you work on the computer, this new form of standardize testing doesn’t seem to most kids to be a “walk in the PARCC.”