OPINION: Teachers and students should meet in the middle about work


Anna Minton


After a full week of school and warmer temperatures, there is no doubt that many of us have begun to think of the springtime and the pleasures that go along with it. Spring Break, warm evenings, outdoor sports (finally) and the lure of the end of school have many of us distracted from our every day routines.

This distraction, especially for the seniors, has an extremely weakening affect upon our work ethic and diligence when it comes to schoolwork. “Senioritis,” as it is so lovingly called, is intensified, and in my opinion, teachers use this to their advantage.

Historically here at Granville High School, the third quarter is always the hardest. Typical busy work combined with research papers, standardized tests, graduation requirements, college and financial aid obligations,  new sports seasons, and the proximity to summer throws students into a downward spiral of self-loathing and self-pity.

Teachers on the other hand seem to thrive off of this senior slump. They seem happy, eager, and excited to assign us the work that we dread so much. It would seem like a small amount of empathy would be present, but it is quite the opposite. Typically, more work is assigned in order to counteract the affects of senioritis.

Let me be clear. I am not trying to call out our teachers, because I know they are doing an excellent job at their profession, but it is hard not to picture a mad scientist rubbing his hands together laughing over a boiling pot of some foreign material when thinking of the creation of lesson plans.

In my opinion, the senior teachers should meet us halfway and focus less on busy work and reorient class activities to more discussion based and thought provoking activities. After 12 years of schooling, I know each and everyone of us can write a sentence about a poem,  or explain the components of a cell in a five sentence paragraph.

At this time in our schooling, we should focus on future based discussions and test preparation. Many of us know our choice of colleges, and  we all know our time here in our beloved town is coming to a close.

I know it is nearly too late for my own class, but for the sake of my dear friends below us, we could all change with the seasons.