English teacher instructs from home

English teacher E.B. Smith is teaching from home this year due to a family member who has a health condition. Librarian Sally Gummere and intervention specialist Tara Hartshorn have been hosting Smith’s classes from the library and classroom while Smith uses Zoom from home.

“I am really enjoying working with Mrs. Smith and her two Advanced World Lit and Comp classes so far,” Gummere said. “All of the students are so sweet and mindful of the situation.”

Communication with Smith, who is also the English Department chair, is a little different now that it is all remote.

“I never see her,” Principal Matt Durst said. “She gets zoomed into the department meetings and communication with her is via text, calls, emails and Facetimes.”

Along with the impact of things going on in school, Smith is dealing with having a kindergartener and a sixth grader at home while she is teaching.

“Anyone who knows me knows that I am overly organized, so I have had to rely on that to keep our days running smoothly,” Smith said.

Mrs. Smith said she enjoys teaching from home but she does have some things that she has missed.

“I miss everyone. I miss my classroom. GHS has been my home for so long, and it is strange to not be there,” Smith said.

Smith said there are some perks about teaching from home.

“My other favorite part is that I can teach without wearing shoes – something that I have never done before,” Smith said.