How it is Going for Online Learners During Covid


About a quarter of students are attending classes virtually this year through an app named Zoom due to the Covid outbreak. According to the Granville Exempted Village Schools Website, 23.05% (177) of students are schooling online by  attending their regular classes via Zoom.“This is the best learning environment that we can provide, but has required our teachers to be adaptable and resilient.” said Glenn Welker, the director of technology. Every online student has their own reasons for going to class on zoom instead of in school. Although most of them just believed that it was the wisest option.“It was the safer option and the thought of doing school at home sounded nice,” senior Laura Penn said. Despite the fact that they are in the safety of their own homes while still getting their education many virtual students do not find zooming into classes as beneficial as being in person.“I personally do not see much benefit to online schooling. It is so easy to get distracted and trying to deal with the Zoom problems is frustrating,” Penn said. While they are trying to make the best decision for themselves, online learners are faced with many obstacles. Freshman Emily Sargent says that online classes are “more difficult compared to face-to-face classes.There are more obstacles I have to get through unlike in school. Such as internet issues, distractions and asking the teacher questions,” Internet is the major problem online students have been facing. Senior Beca Mayet,said technology is ”running well besides a few times I have had to leave the call due to the slow internet and not being able to understand what anyone is saying.” In addition to learning the curriculum, online students may be learning some important lifelong lessons. “COVID-19 has emphasized the need for the portrait of a graduate attributes:. empathy, resilience, adaptability, collaborative and critical thinking,” Welker said.