Construction complete on Walter J. Hodges Stadium


Abigail Tracy

Spectators fill the new bleachers under the press box during a girls varsity field hockey game.

Abigail Tracy

The football stadium was officially completed on September 3, and is currently hosting practices and games for fall sports. Robertson construction broke ground in November 2019 and nine months later the stadium was complete and ready to use. 

With a project as long and large as the stadium, there were bound to be problems in the construction process. 

“We dealt with weather related issues,” Tonya Sherburne, director of human resources and operations, said. “We had lots of rain this summer that impacted the ability for construction to occur some days.” 

After months of renovation, and a few setbacks, the girls’ field hockey team had the honor of breaking in the field, hosting their senior night as the first game to ever be played on the new turf. 

“It felt good being the first team to play on the new field,” junior midfielder Lauren Anderson said. “Especially since we won the first game that night.” 

With the new turf field, more sports than just football are able to play and practice on the new field.

“There is about a 60-75% increase of usage now that the field is turf, not grass,” Principal Matt Durst said. 

When the stadium is vacant, and no field sports are practicing or playing games, the track will be open to the general public to use. 

“There is a process the public will need to follow in order to access the stadium,” Athletic Director Josh DeVoll said. These processes will help protect themselves, the stadium, and student athletes.  

After waiting on long months of construction, many athletes are looking forward to being able to play on their home turf. 

“I just feel thankful to have the opportunity to play on it again in this weird year,” senior middle linebacker Braden Atchison said.