Marching band adjust to new protocols


Marching Band leaving after a hard-working practice in the new stadium on Wednesday, September 16, 2020. Photo Credit: Luke Dixon

Marching Band students are following new protocols during practices this school year to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Band Director Jerod Smith stressed two important areas of responsibility.

“For the group responsibility, physical distancing and masks when not playing,” Smith said. “For the individual responsibility, handwashing and personal hygiene.”

Principal Matt Durst said these new protocols were created by very important people.

“Mr. Smith worked with Licking County Health Department guidelines and with district administration to create the protocols,” Durst said.

Senior Field Commander Ryan Bunyard says these brand new protocols also are a challenge during rehearsals.

“The protocols often get in the way of one-on-one teaching methods,” Bunyard said. “If somebody needs help with something that requires whoever is leading to come up close to them, that’s not really an option anymore. We try our best to teach from a distance, but these protocols make it difficult.

Band members must follow the new protocols for as long as needed.

“Any protocol dealing with student and staff health and safety is important!” Durst said.

Durst also gives a little glimmer of hope to all band and regular students.

“I am not sure how much longer we will need to follow protocols like this, but I will be happy when they are no longer needed,” Durst said.