How to stay productive during quarantine


Kennedy Ogden

One of the multiple paths at the Denison Biological Reserve.

Lauren Kiernan

During this historic time, nothing is known for sure except that people are not allowed to leave their houses. Ohio’s governor Mike Dewine’s latest stay home has extended to May 1, 2020, but there are still some questions whether or not that date will be extended as well. During this time of quarantine, there are many things that people can do to stay active and productive with all this time on their hands. 

Get Outside

Even though the order is to stay at home, the government and the CDC have still encouraged people to get outside to exercise, but still to keep the six feet apart rule in place. For people who have pets it is a great thing to get them outside as well and take them on a walk, or even just play with them in the backyard. However, not everyone has pets. So going on walks with family or even alone is another great way to get outside. 

If exercising does not sound appealing, getting outside does not have to involve being active. Doing homework outside is another way to just get out of the house, to have some new scenery and to get Vitamin D. 

“I get outside to walk my dog every day, sometimes twice because we both have some pent up energy from staying home,” junior Zoe Firchau said. 

Tidy Up Your Room

However, on some days it is not possible to get outside because the weather is hindering with rain or maybe it is just a tad chilly. There are plenty of things that can be done inside that are not only productive but also allows for the time to pass. Some things include deep cleaning a room, a closet, organizing a shelf, etc.

Tackle a Game or Puzzle

Many people enjoy spending time in front of a screen every day because it is fun, but there are so many repercussions with staring at a screen for many hours. Instead, go around the house and see if there is something that has never been touched and see if that can be entertaining.

“I’ve been taking up old hobbies like Rubix cubes that I had forgotten about for years,” freshman Nick Kiernan said. 

If there happens to be nothing around the house that sparks some interest, ordering puzzles on Amazon allows for something to take longer than a day and will keep things interesting. 

Try a Craft Project

Along with puzzles, crafting is a great thing to get into because it allows for some creativity and an outlet if there is some anxiety about this uncertain time. 

“I spend a lot of time painting and making bracelets,” senior Hannah Brockway said. 

Make a Plan for Homework

Even though there are so many things to do that can pass the time, there is still homework to be done to maintain good grades. It can be hard sometimes to find the motivation to get homework done because there is so much time that it can continuously be brushed to the side and it will “get done later” but realistically it will not. Schools have been giving students ideas on how they can make sure everything gets done in time but even then some people do manage their time wisely. 

“I usually plan out my week on Sunday and then every night plan for the next day in detail,” senior Maria Law said.