Into The Changes; Modifications to the upcoming spring musical


Kennedy Ogden

In the wake of the spread of COVOID-19 and closure of school until May 1, the drama department canceled the spring musical “Into The Woods. Opening night was planned to take place on May 1-2. 

Director Sara Sharp announced that the cast and crew are planning to perform a modified version in late May. The modified version will act more like a concert rather than a shortened version of the actual play. The cast will be performing some lead in scenes that they had worked on before the school cancellation. 

 “Given the circumstances, it is the best that we can do,” Sharp said.

If students are able to return to school on May 1, this plan will proceed, but if the order gets pushed back they will need to cancel the show completely. 

The heartache of the department lays with the seniors. For some, this will be the last theater production they take part in, like senior Abby Johnson. Johnson landed the role of Student Director in early February and had been working up until the COVID-19 crisis canceled school. 

“Just for our show to not be like we expected is hard,” Johnson said. 

For freshman Lillian Reece this news has been especially devastating. “Into The Woods” would have been her first play with the theater department. She was cast as Little Red Riding Hood and will be performing at the modified show in late May.  

“ It has been really disappointing seeing that this is my first show here at GHS, and I landed a lead role ” said Reece 

To keep the spirit of the drama department alive, Abby Johnson has been organizing weekly Musical Theater Kahoot sessions on Zoom. Students involved in drama are allowed to Zoom game sessions if they would like to. 

After a session, Sharp said she was glad to reconnect with her students. 

“I loved seeing so many faces and hearing voices that I usually am blessed to see daily.”