Six orchestra and choir students invited to OMEA conference


Choir students Lanie Schott, Matthew Steele and Lillian Reese smile after performing at the OMEA All-State conference. They received medals for their handwork and dedication. Photo courtesy of Kristen Snyder.

Anna Mialky

Six orchestra and choir students auditioned and were invited to participate in the Ohio Music Education Association All-State Conference earlier this year. Spots were very competitive and simply being accepted is considered an honor.

Orchestra students Matthias Young, Nona Hunter and Isaiah Davidson auditioned and were chosen to perform with the best orchestra students in Ohio. 

“They represented our school and community with great pride and performed a truly spectacular program,” said orchestra director Samantha Schnabel. 

In addition to having the honor of being selected to perform with the best high school string musicians, senior Mathias Young achieved several other honors. 

“Matthias Young won the seat of principle viola; therefore, [he] is currently the best high school violist in the state!” Schnabel said. “Matthias also won the OMEA Young Composer’s competition where his piece was selected to be performed at the OMEA PD conference by a professional/collegiate brass ensemble.”

Choir students Lillian Rees, Matthew Steele and Lanie Schott additionally participated in the All-State Ohio choir. 

“I am very proud and impressed with these students,” choir director Kristen Snyder said. 

The students performed several songs including “Agnus Dei” and “Ubi Caritas.”

“The experience was amazing, the best weekend of my life,” senior Matthew Steele said. “The guys in the bass section were hilarious and absolutely made the 11-hour rehearsal on Friday great.”

In addition to having an enjoyable time, the students grew as musicians by practicing several musical techniques with a more advanced choir. 

“I grew a lot as a musician while I was there, really learned how to not kill my voice after singing for a long period of time, and I learned to have a more rich and mature sounding voice,” Steele said.

Overall, the students have proven the immense talent within the high school music department. 

“We have a lot to be proud of in this district and I am honored to be a small part of it through these amazingly talented students!” Schnabel said.