Eggleton scores out of this world



Carley Eggleton is the first girl to ever make it to states for bowling. She holds two of the three records for the high school board, which are Highest Set: 417 and Highest Average: 174.12.

“My series was a 547, and the girls who advanced with me were Claire Stoll and Allie Stoll,” says Carley Eggleton.

Eggleton said she has high hopes for next year

“Their series were below mine by around 100 pins, so they didn’t come close to the cut, but they did advance to districts for the first time as juniors, so that’s exciting,” Eggleton said.

The cut for the individual girls to proceed to states was 547, which was exactly Carley’s series.

“I tied with someone, placing third out the individuals and 14th out of 125 girls (including teams and individuals),” Eggleton said.

At the Central Ohio Districts tournament, Granville took the top 4 teams the top 4 individuals.

The boys also had a successful season with two boys just missing the cut. Sophomore Jonathon Myers and junior Matthew Thompson made the cut. Myers, just barely underneath the cut, had a 543 series which was just 77 points away from making it to states. The series was out of 609 points.

Thompson, who was just 11 points below the cut, also didn’t make it to states.

This season was a rebuilding year for the team since they had recently lost so many seniors, and Eggleton said she would continue help the team next year as an assistant coach.

“I’m confident that we will be back on track with me as an assistant coach to the new coach Ed Stoll,” Eggleton said. “He has been bowling for 8 years, combined we have been bowling with 12 years of experience and knowledge and we want to take the team as far as we can.”

The bowling team scored big this year with five bowlers advancing to districts and one qualifying for states.