Swim teams sweeps the competition away


Senior swim team members. Photo courtesy of Blueprints/Molly Peck

Paige Grunden

The boys’ and girls’ swim teams have competed in an array of competitions recently, and have their eyes set on states as the season draws to a close. 

Both teams came home with wins from the most recent events including: Licking County League, Sectionals, and Districts. 

The girls’ team dominated the competition at LCL, taking home first place. The boys’ team also took home a win, finishing in second place, falling just behind Watkins. 

The boys’ team did not let the loss get them down though, as they excelled at sectionals, taking home 1st place. The girls’ team finished in 3rd place. 

Districts proved to be another good competition for the team with the girls’ team taking home 3rd place. The boys’ team had yet another huge win, coming back with first place. 

With all the other big races under their belt, states was the final big step for the team. 

Both the girls’ 200 meter free relay and the boys’ 200 meter free relay made finals for states; undoubtedly one of the strongest races for both teams.

As for individuals, two swimmers qualified for finals. Hannah Hardin made it in the 100 meter free, and Ben Litle made it in the 50 meter free and the 100 meter free. 

With the season drawing to a close, the team will soon be saying goodbye to all of the seniors on the team. 

“I’m happy it’s over for me, but I’m going to miss the seniors next year” junior Mason White said. 

The seniors who are graduating this year are: Sarah Carpenter, Lilly Stewart, Mason Clark, Janie Schreiber, Maggie Phillips, JoJo Cacciato, Ben Litle, Bryson Hauenstein, Cole McDermott, Cian McDermott, and Peter Lighthauser.

 The captains for the girls’ team are JoJo Cacciato and Sarah Carpenter. The boys’ team captains are Ben Litle and Brycen Halenstine.

“I’m sad,” Jenna Cowan said,  “I found so many new friends this year and now they are all leaving.”