The Coronavirus Surge


Sarah Carpenter wears a protective mask. (Faith Blankemeyer/BluePrints)

Faith Blankemeyer

With thousands upon thousands of cases reported, and the death toll continuing to rise, the Coronavirus has become an epicenter of world news. With the virus showing no signs of slowing down, it is important to look at the possibility of a widespread epidemic.

The virus has been confirmed in more than twenty-five countries, and travel has been banned in many parts of China. Although it is easy to brush this horrific news aside and think that there is no possible way of the virus reaching the United States or even your community, there is a strong probability that this virus will continue to spread across the world. 

China’s government is very secretive, this is already known based on past historical events. Many researchers and scientists have agreed that the number of infected and possibly dead are much worse than being shown to the public.

The New York Times reported, “A lockdown across the city and much of its surrounding province has exacerbated a shortage of medical supplies, testing kits, and hospital beds. Many residents, unwell and desperate for care, have been forced to go from hospital to hospital on foot, only to be turned away without being tested for the virus, let alone treated.” 

Many are trying to keep the news off or avoid the conversation of the virus. This is an important event in history, and it would be unwise to avoid it.

There are many signs that the death toll and the infected are much higher than reported, so many that the government may be burning bodies. Evidence is piling up against China’s government as more people are speaking out and pieces of the puzzle are being placed together.

One major point being talked about is the building of hospitals. Around the clock “temporary” hospitals are being built as fast as they can be produced. 

This could be a sign that the breakout is greatly worse than what is shown in the media. Something deeply more disturbing could also be going on within the confines of the city of Wahun.

CNN has recently found a humongous spike in sulfur dioxide, within the confines of Wahun, which is the main area of concern surrounding the virus. As CNN reports, “there could be several reasons behind the sudden spike. Nuclear plants, garbage, and animal carcass burning or the industrial areas could all be responsible…The Chinese government has shut down many major factories, coal-fuelled power plants, and manufacturing to curb the coronavirus outbreak. So there is little chance that they could be responsible for the rising levels.”

Although there may be a logical explanation for this spike in sulfur dioxide, more signs are pointing to the idea that the Chinese government is burning their citizen’s bodies. This horrific discovery is still not confirmed, but if it is truly happening, this is an event in history that will be remembered forever.