Our calculation? A new type of school spirit


Math spirit day schedule posted outside of Mrs. Waidlich’s room (Photo Blueprints/ Kennedy Ogden)

Kennedy Ogden

When it comes to the math department, students can always expect exciting activity whether it’s their “punny” math t-shirts or Pennies for Patients day. This year some of the math teachers have decided to host spirit days as a countdown to Spring Break. Once a week, every week until spring break students will be able to participate in the spirit days. 

This will be the first year that math teachers Mrs. Hoben, Ms. Waidelich and Mrs. Allen will be participating in the event. 

Hoben had the idea originally. 

“She wasn’t sure we’d even do it with her but she asked anyhow,” Algebra ll teacher Allen said. 

This trio of teachers talked daily between their busy teaching periods and decided that these days would be the perfect solution to this bleak time between winter break and spring break. If the students in their class periods decide to participate in the theme days, they will receive a ticket. The tickets will be put into a drawing during that class period. If a student is drawn they are given the option to pick where they would like to sit where ever they would like for the day, a one-use homework pass or a sweet treat.  

Mrs. Allen was most excited about Feb. 11 theme day. This last Tuesday, students were asked to bring in a valentine of any kind for their math teacher. If students decided to make the valentine math-themed, they could receive two tickets for the drawing instead of the regular one. If students made math-themed valentines for all three participating math teachers they would receive six tickets.

February 19th, the teachers collected canned food or dollar donations for the food pantry at the Church of Christ in Croton. Croton is the town that the Hartford Fair is traditionally hosted in. The church the contributions will be donated to is a member of the Licking County Food pantry network “the serve the need of anyone proving proof of residency in Licking County,” Allen said. 

With spring break trips on the mind, teachers say that students tend to lose concentration on their school work. “We just decided we needed to shake things up a little bit,” Allen said.