Giving for a cause


Before and after of Zoe cutting her hair. (Photo courtesy of Zoe Knobloch)

Grace Portzline

Many people like to experiment with their hair colors and cuts in their teens and young adulthood years. This is true for many people who simply want a change.

Freshman Zoe Knobloch has recently made a huge change to her appearance but the reasons go much deeper than that. Zoe has recently made a huge sacrifice and as physics teacher Mr. Bait would say she’s “doing it for the kids.” She decided to donate her hair to an organization “Wigs for Kids.”

Zoe has many amazing qualities, one of them being her beautiful long blonde hair. She decided she wanted a change and donated her hair to the making of wigs for children in need. 

“I have donated my hair once before but I didn’t go nearly as short,” she said.

She has done this once before and really enjoyed the good deed she had done and now two years later she made the same noble decision. 

She cut her hair short before entering middle school a little over two years ago but didn’t cut as short as this most recent time. This time she cut off nearly a foot of hair. 

“It’s a little disconcerting when I go back to touch it cause it’s not there,” she said.

A more well known hair donating company is “Locks of Love,” however Zoe went with another company called “Wigs for Kids.” 

She was very interested in this company because they don’t charge kids for the wigs they provide. 

“People go bald for medical reasons and that’s already very expensive,” she said.

She says she was a little nervous before doing it and she thought about it for a couple months before taking the jump.

“I was nervous and wondered if it would look bad,” Knobloch said. After doing it though, she says she is very happy with the turnout. “I really like how it turned out so I’ll probably keep it short for a while.” 

Lastly, she said that she is very interested in continuing to do this in her life. 

“If I were ever in a place where I could donate I would totally do it again,”  she said.

Zoe is a proud member of the tennis and bowling teams and is involved in the high school theatre. Her hair has not affected her work or sports whatsoever and has only made her more empathetic. It has provided her with the ability to help many kids whom she’s never even met. 

Her parents were also very supportive of the cause and were proud of their daughter wanting to help other kids that she’s never even met before. When Knobloch told her parents the idea, they simply said, “If that’s what you want to do, go for it.”