Fashion trends I’m tired of


Thank goodness winter is coming to an end (supposedly). I look around and think, “wow the student body needs help,” myself included. Every year we all look the same. We all pull out our tall boots and long scarves, our puffy vests and navy sweaters over our button-up shirts. Do we all look classy? Sure. But there are a few things that this school needs to figure out. Here are a few fashion trends that I’m tired of this winter.

White pants

Come on guys, you know the rule! No white pants after Labor Day. They are considered a spriFashion trends picture 3- Regan McCroskeyng/summer jean, and it needs to stay that way.

Short sleeves and scarves

It looks a little odd that only your neck is cold and not your arms. A scarf is an accessory, not a base to an outfit.

Jean on jean on jean!

This is only acceptable if your shirt and your jeans are a different color. If everything is the same shade, you look like you’re wearing a jean jumpsuit. Not flattering.

FlannelFashion Trends picture Urban Outfitters - Regan McCroskey

It’s really not that bad, but everyone owns the same color, which is red. I know, I’m guilty of it too.

The ugly sock look

I’m really glad that you own a pair of ugly socks with your sandals or Nikes, but wow Fashion Trends Forever 21- Regan McCroskeythey look bad. I’m not going to be nice about that.


These really irk Mr. Durst. Ladies, I know how comfortable they are, but they’re so thin! Kudos to you for feeling confident enough to wear them with your paper thin crop top, but I would really think about wearing at least a longer shirt with them, if not putting them away

Thankfully, this horrible winter has come to and end, but I still notice some of these pieces in 50 degree weather! Lets kick it up a notch and throw away the old socks and pull out our new shorts.