District awarded Global Educator of the Year award




Superintendent Jeff Brown accepted the Columbus Council on World Affair’s Global Educator Award on behalf of the Granville Exempted Village School District last week. The award, presented to districts which demonstrate the Council’s tenacity to foster international education and spread global competency, was presented by CCWA’s President Patrick Terrien at their 40th anniversary luncheon.

The award, one of the first presented to a school for global aspirations, was given to recognize the accomplishments and forward thinking of the school district in the pursuit of increased global competency among students.

In early 2013, the Granville Exempted Village School Board agreed to participate in a global education program sponsored by the Columbus Council on World Affairs. The program was kick started by Assistant Superintendent Ryan Bernath when he was the high school principal, and is currently being continued through efforts by Principal Matthew Durst, history teacher Jeremy Hopping and other members of the district.

The CCWA has worked with the school district, along with the Columbus City School District, step by step to achieve the goals that were established. In the first year, 22 of Granville’s students completed the coursework required to receive their global scholar diploma, and in the future this number will only increase as the high school increases its focus on global issues.

“I think it’s a great thing for our district,” Durst said.

Dust along with Brown and Bernath were blown away by the number of international companies and community leaders in attendance.

“This is big exposure,” Brown said.

The opportunities created by the program have no doubt opened doors for the students and administration here in Granville. Partnerships with CCWA and their supporting organizations have allowed students to experience real-world events, situations, and conflicts that are critical in the development of social and employment skills.

“The program is better preparing our youth to take on the challenges of tomorrow,” CCWA president Patrick Terrien said. “The initiative must be taken.”

The award marks yet another accomplishment for the school district, and also sets the foundation for a future in international education. The small steps now will allow the district to take great strides in the future to better prepare the youth of our community.