Teacher raises money for Pennies for Patients in daughter’s memory



The school hosts several fundraisers every year, but Pennies for Patients is by the far one of the biggest and most supported by math teacher Mrs. Sue Hoben.

“I had a daughter who was diagnosed with cancer and fought her battle for 2 ½ years,” said Hoben. “She lost her battle at the age of twelve. I am passionate about Pennies for Patients because if there is a chance to bring a cure, some relief or hope to children dying from cancer. I want to be an active part of that.”

Pennies for Patients is an organization that raises money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and focuses mostly on childhood cancer.

“Granville High School has the opportunity to fundraise throughout the school year, but we focus mainly on this three week period,” said Hoben.

The past few weeks, she has set up Canes deliveries, raffles, and is currently selling candy and pop in her classroom.

“I do not expect everyone to participate in this fundraiser even though it is definitely my personal passion,” said Hoben, “If someone is able to donate money to this worthy cause then I hope they do. I try to raise money by bringing in food and drinks that they do not normally have at school, but I would love to see students asking parents, relatives, or parting with some of their own money to contribute for finding a cure for childhood cancer.”

She’s not the only teacher involved with the cause. Other teachers in the school have also gotten involved, especially those in the math department. They had Pi Day t-shirts made and all those proceeds will go to the foundation.