5 movies to watch on St. Patrick’s Day


If you are looking for good movies to watch on St. Patrick’s Day, here are a five that are set in Ireland and some that are specifically about St. Patrick’s Day.


This Dublin-set, modern day musical is about a singer/guitar player who makes money by working in his father’s vacuum shop and a Czechoslovakian girl who makes money by looking after her mother and her young daughter. One day when they meet, they learn more about each other, and the girl helps him make a cd that he can take to London with him and find someone to give him a contract. While working together, they discover their love for one another.

“Far and Away”

A young emigrant leaves Ireland and comes to America, accompanied by the landlord’s daughter who was previously in a fight with her father. They travel together to Oklahoma in early 1893. After getting jobs to upkeep their house and to save up money, the young man is beaten while at work and the people he works with steal all of their money and leave them with nothing. They are left with the struggle of staying alive during the harsh winter. All they want is to own an abundance of land, but will all of that be taken away from them when the Landlord, the girl’s father, and his wife find out where she went and they come to look for her?

“The Quiet Man”

Retired boxer, Sean Thornton, returns to his homeland of Ireland to leave his past behind, when he meets a pretty, poor young girl who he falls in love with.

“The Luck of The Irish”

After learning that his family comes from Ireland and finding out his parents are leprechauns, a teenager loses his lucky gold coin from his grandpa and must fight to win it back from an evil leprechaun.

“Leap Year”

A woman, by the name of Anne Brady, learns about the Irish tradition where when you propose on Leap day, the other person has to accept it. So, she comes up with this detailed plan to propose to her boyfriend on the 29th, when bad storms threatens her trip to Dublin, Ireland. She gets help from an innkeeper and may end up getting engaged after all.