Revolutionizing the way of fashion


Nike Air Force shoe, as of late, a more common shoe within fashion. (Faith Blankemeyer/BluePrints)

Faith Blankemeyer

Fashion trends are always evolving and progressing. Here is a top ten list of current fashion trends that have been circling around the streetwear and fashion communities. This list has been gathered through the opinion of students and some well-known websites such as Vogue, Highsnobiety and GQ Style.


Two t-shirts both thrifted from local stores: Picture by (Faith Blankemeyer/BluePrints)

Up-cycling has skyrocketed during the past few years. Whether you’re thrifting, buying online or even grabbing a sweater out of your grandparents’ closet, up-cycling is a great addition to any wardrobe. Affordability and convenience is what makes this style popular as it continues to grow.


A sweatshirt that was bought oversized: Picture by (Faith Blankemeyer/BluePrints)

The oversized style has been huge over this past year. An oversized t-shirt paired with shorts or jeans is popular. Whether it’s a band tee, graphic or a simple hoodie, these styles are easy to pair with any outfit. “In my opinion wearing an oversized hoodie is a lot more comfortable compared to regular sizes,” senior Paige Grunden said. Another reason this trend keeps on rising is its accessibility. Going into any thrift store and finding extra-large shirts is a great way to keep a new rotation of clothing.

Preppy Punk

An outfit similar to the preppy punk look: Photo by (Faith Blankemeyer/BluePrints)

A style that has been upcoming as of late is the preppy punk look. This usually consists of button-downs under a sweater, plaid pants and blouses. It has a focus on smart, and classic looking styles with an edge of punk thrown in. This could come from a pair of combat boots such as Doc Martins or chained jewelry. “This style is very distinct, I like it, it seems like someone portraying their style through their clothes,” Christian Rogers said. “You can get all that stuff at goodwill too, it’s super accessible.”


A vintage satin shirt; Picture by (Faith Blankemeyer/BluePrints)

Satin shirts have become made a huge comeback. The look from much older generations with flowing sleeves and pieces of silk tied around the neck really brings a unique style to this look. Celebrities such as Harry Styles have brought this style back into season, here you can see a photo of his outfit during the most recent Met Gala. This picture went viral across Twitter and other platforms, and style is bound to come back into fashion.


A group of different sized chains: Picture by (Faith Blankemeyer/BluePrints)

Although in the past jewelry has been seen as mostly been looked at as an accessory for women, it has recently expanded to all genders. Earings, watches, bracelets and mostly chains have seen a huge spike in popularity. Layered necklaces have become widely prevalent in teenagers. This is mostly due to the “eboy” and “softboy” looks that have come out of apps such as Tik Tok. “I wear jewelry in a weird way, I use my necklaces as bracelets,” Christian Rogers said. “That’s the unique part of jewelry you can do pretty much anything you want to make it your own specific look. I think its cool, that more men are going out of their comfort zone and experimenting with the accessory.”

Soft-boy look

An outfit that is similar to the “soft-boy” style: Picture by (Faith Blankemeyer/BluePrints)

“Soft-boys” is a rather new term created for those who vintage shop and pair old with new items. Usually, an old sweater mixed with mom jeans and air force ones is a perfect description of this style. Popularized by apps like Instagram, Visco and Tik Tok, this look can still be unique with uncommon shirts. “I like to follow 80’s and 90’s fashion trends, and I think it’s fun to experiment with different styles” Junior Ruby Nelson stated. This trend definitely takes influences from those eras and combines it with new modern twists.

Unusual Pants

Two different patterns of pants that are unusual: Picture by (Faith Blankemeyer/BluePrints)

Of course unique pants have always been a fashion statement, but now more than ever unique pants seemed to be sought out. Adding chains, paint and cropping pants have seen a huge increase. In the past years’ high waisted mom jeans have become extremely common, and their popularity only seems to increase. Senior Madison Snipes says that unique pants are, “so stylish and fun and they make you feel so energetic! They make you feel powerful and like you’re ready to take on the day.”


A thrifted Nike windbreaker: (Faith Blankemeyer/BluePrints)

Windbreakers have always been popular due to their ability to layer. However, now more than ever it seems that windbreakers have been used for a fashion statement. Ross Barrett can usually be seen around the school sporting a streetwear type of outfit, his goal is to go into a career in fashion design. “They’re nice and cozy and they’re so many different styles depending on what you’re looking for,” Barrett said.

Customized Sneakers

A pair of custom Nike Air Forces: (Faith Blankemeyer/BluePrints)

Although drawing on chucks has been going on since their inception, painting and truly customizing a shoe is becoming extremely big in the fashion and art community. Painting shoes and adding chains are just a few of the ways people have found to make their shoes stand out more. “Custom shoes are a good beginner’s choice for being creative in the fashion realm. It’s also a great way to reuse old shoes,” Barrett said.

Swirls and Splatters

A thifted jacket that was painted on: Photo by (Faith Blankemeyer/BluePrints)

Although not as popular in the ’60s, tye die and paint splatters have come back into style. Bleaching a t-shirt in a tye die pattern has seemed to become a new trend throughout the fashion/DIY community. “It’s hard to get the perfect look with swirls and splatters. One splatter can completely change the look and price of an item. Pants with paint splatters are super cool,” junior Madelyn Teich said.