Looking back on the best memories of the Class of 2020


During the 5th Grade Picnic, Julia Patton, McKenna Beitzel, Ella Gravitt, Abigal Burkholder, Lillie Long, Olivia Garland, and Sophie Shaw all pose for a picture.

Emily Gold

For the class of 2020, twelve years has been a long time to collect memories. From class field trips, to holiday parties and finally graduation, many members of the Class of 2020 have memories from these unforgettable events.

First day of school

During the first day of third grade, Caroline McDermott, Emily Gold and Lauren Kiernan pose outside the classroom. (Photo courtesy of Linnea Gold)

For many, the first day of school is an exciting new experience for everyone. Students wake up early and make sure to look their best to start the new school year. “I always looked forward to the first day of school over the summer because I always loved school when I was younger,” said senior Tara Martos.

Valentine’s Day parties

Mrs. Fender’s third grade class poses for a picture during the Valentine’s Day party. (Photo courtesy of Linnea Gold)

Valentine’s Day party is a personal favorite amongst elementary school children because of all the candy and trading cards with classmates. “The Valentines Day parties were the most fun because I got to give personalized cards to all my friends,” said senior Abby Mortellaro.

Halloween parties

Students in costumes during Halloween Party. (Photo courtesy of Linnea Gold)

Halloween was a blast since everyone got to wear their costumes all day long. “It was such a big thing to have the best costume,” said senior Marcus Mills. “I remember we did Halloween themed games and ate so much candy.”

Fifth grade picnic

A group of fifth grade boys jump during Wildwood Picnic. (Photo courtesy of Linnea Gold)

The picnic to Wildwoods was the fifth-grade day trip where the entire day was spent on the playground or hanging out with friends. “It was a great time, I had fun climbing on trees and going down the solid metal sides!” senior Tyler Johnston said.

Fourth grade camp

Classmates cheer on Grace Portzline was she walks on rope course during 4th grade camp. (Photo courtesy of Linnea Gold)

During the fourth grade camp, the class was split into groups of 15 and went through exercises for team bonding. “It was one of my favorite field trips we went on because we ate a lot of worms and sang weird camp songs, ” senior Connor Smith said.

Kings Island Trip in 6th Grade

Students take a quick break to take picture during Kings Island field trip. (Photo courtesy of Abby Mortellaro)

Kings Island was a great field trip because it was the first glance of freedom the class experience to go around the park by themselves. “It was really fun because it was our first field trip that was purely amusement, and was my first time going to an amusement park,” senior Sophie Shaw said.

Sixth grade graduation

Morgan Roof accepts an award during the 6th-grade graduation ceremony. (Photo courtesy of Linnea Gold)

Getting in preparation for senior graduation, the sixth grade celebration congratulated the class for moving on into middle school. “I remember that the sixth grade graduation was something that every intermediate schooler looked forward to. It was a huge celebration as we went off to middle school, so it was a very exciting day and there were lots of fun memories made,” senior Morgan Roof said.

Eighth grade Washington D.C. trip

Group poses in front of Washington Monument during the 8th grade field trip to Washington D.C. (Photo courtesy of Brody Bitters)

For many students, Washington D.C was the memory enjoyed the most since it was so anticipation leading up to it. “It was fun to be in a different place with a group of close friends,” senior Ainsley Chanda said.

Junior Prom

Allison Moore, Frances Goodwin, Tori Bergstrom, Anna Lukerate, Anya Mitton-Fry, McKenna Furman, Abby Burkholder and Anna Mialky during junior year Prom. (Photo courtesy of Anna Mialky)

Prom is a ride of the passage for high school, and one of the last time the class will be together. “Prom last year was so fun and I am so excited for this year since it will be our last school dance ever,” said senior Abigail Burkholder.

Getting Senior Signs from teachers

Emily Gold and Sarah Carpenter smile with their Journalism teacher, Mrs. Tolbert, while delivering signs.
(Photo courtesy of Jeanette Carpenter)

Since many senior activities were canceled for the class of 2020 due to COVID-19, the school bought Granville Senior signs for all of the graduating class. “It was a really nice surprise to see all some of the teachers,” Senior Savannah Lescas said.

As the Class of 2020 moves into this unpredictable part of their lives may the people that made this class amazing, never lose hope or curiosity. The best memories are yet to come.