Best drinks from River Road to boost your day


One of the many drinks available at River Road. Large Iced Chai Latte (Grace Portzline/BluePrints)

Grace Portzline

In the small community of Granville, the local coffee shop has a significant reputation to uphold. One of two coffee shops in the village is the River Road Coffee shop located right off the Granville exit. This cute cottage turned into a cozy coffee shop and also contains other businesses in the upper floors. They have become a staple in the community and have their morning rush before work and school day kicks off. Many kids have implemented the coffee shop into their morning routine. Every customer has their own favorite but here are the top ten favorite drinks of students.

Small Iced Caramel Latte (Blueprints/Grace Portzline)

Caramel Latte

This is another classic and a strong fall back whenever a customer isn’t sure what to get. This warm and comforting drink has become another staple in every coffee shop. It is warm, creamy and is often a reminder of fall and winter. It has become so popular and loved that it has become popular all year long, Although it originated as a fall drink. It reminded people of fall and cold weather. “I love coffee and caramel, and I don’t like hot drinks,” senior Alyson Parks said.

Vanilla Latte

Medium Hot Vanilla Latte (Blueprints/ Grace Portzline)

The vanilla latte, is a classic and staple in any coffee shop. Each coffee shop has their own spin on the everlasting vanilla latte. With a mix of creamy and warm milk with boosting and uplifting coffee. ”It’s nice and creamy but it’s not too sugary but it is still sweet and you get the aroma of coffee with the flavor of vanilla,” sophomore Sierra Sarver said.

Medium Iced River Road Mocha (Blueprints/Grace Portzline)

River Road Mocha

“It’s a classic and I love the caramel,” sophomore Jenna Cowan said. A classic drink at many coffee shops is the mocha. It is great for customers who are wanting the caffeine boost but don’t love the strong coffee flavor. River Road has put their spin on the classic mocha. Normally mochas are a mix of coffee and creamy hot chocolate however, River Road adds white chocolate to theirs to add a unique flavor.

Large Iced Galaxy (Blueprints/Grace Portzline)


The Galaxy is a River Road creation, which has become a favorite in the community. People enjoy this drink because it has a very unique flavor. This drink is definitely more sugary and sweet than other drinks. This drink is more for people who don’t love the taste of coffee but want their caffeine fix. This drink has three major contenders dark chocolate, vanilla and caramel. This drink offers a little bit of everything and has been compared to a sundae in a cup. “It’s so refreshing and dark chocolate and caramel is my favorite combination,” senior Madison Snipes said.

Large Iced Dubliner (Blueprints/Grace Portzline)


The Dubliner is another item on the specialty menu. This drink contains white chocolate and Irish cream. This drink is a creamy and sugary drink but still gives the feel of coffee.The Irish cream gives a creamy taste that offers a different flavor than other milks commonly used in coffee drinks. “That sounds really good! I’m definitely going to try that next time,” senior Janie Schreiber said.

Large Frozen Hot Chocolate (Blueprints/Grace Portzline)

Frozen Hot Chocolate

Many people are a huge fan of the River Road frozen hot chocolate. It offers a creamy and warm taste of hot chocolate by the fire but it is refreshing and cool during the hot months. Many people prefer cold drinks to hot drinks and this provides a great alternative to the hot winter drink. “When I’m drinking it I feel like it’s a mix of summer and winter. It’s like drinking a rainbow” said freshmen, Alana Biehle

Medium Iced Chai Latte (Blueprints/Grace Portzline)

Chai Latte

Another coffee alternative is tea. Many people enjoy tea because it gives the feeling of drinking a warm coffee but doesn’t have the taste of coffee. River Road provides many options of different flavors of teas. They come in iced and warm options and can accommodate any customer. One of the more famous teas is chai which is made with milk and is commonly a spicier drink. “I like the iced because it is very refreshing and cools you down on a hot day. Also my mom always used to buy them for me when I was younger” freshman Simon Parini said.

Large Iced S’mores (Blueprints/Grace Portzline)


Another favorite is the S’mores drink. This drink is different than most s’mores drinks because they add a touch of cinnamon to the drink. This touch of spice adds flavor to the drink that makes it unique and special. The drink starts off with the normal ingredients of a s’more, dark chocolate and marshmallow, but in the end a splash of cinnamon is added to spice the drink up. “It’s my favorite drink and I always recommend it to people,” sophomore Bella Wildermuth said.

Large Peach Mango Smoothie (Blueprints/Grace Portzline)


Another popular option for people who don’t like coffee are smoothies. River Road offers many different flavors of healthy and organic smoothies. Ranging in all different fruit flavors, the smoothies offer a healthy alternative for those trying to be healthy or those who don’t like coffee or tea.  “I like the refreshing fruit taste and I like that they use real fruit,” junior Katelyn Messener said.

Small Iced Italian Cream Soda with Raspberry (Blueprints/Grace Portzline)

Italian Soda

While most people think of it as a coffee shop there are many other drink options for people who aren’t a fan of coffee. They also provide Italian soda which is a carbonated drink and comes in many different flavorful options. “It’s a good alternative if you don’t like coffee,” senior Madie Menz said.