Natural beauty: Finding the prettiest places in Granville

Sarah Carpenter

Keeping consistent with New-England aesthetic that is ingrained within the small town of Granville, nature often seamlessly merges with the town, giving it a reputation for the beauty within it. Listed below, in no particular order, are the prettiest places that Granville has to offer to viewers.

Spring Valley Nature Preserve

Home to several different walking trails, the Spring Valley Nature Preserve is the perfect place to enjoy the nature that Granville has to offer. The nature preserve is a great spot for taking walks with friends, as there are several different streams that run throughout it. “I love running through the nature preserve,” freshman Haden Kirkham said. “In the spring it’s so pretty and I love enjoying the woods while also getting my daily run in.”

Denison University’s Swasey Chapel

Denison’s campus is famous for the beauty found within it, especially during the fall and spring months. One of both Denison and Granville’s most iconic landmarks is Swasey Chapel, as it is typically the first glimpse many will get of Granville when going uptown. The chapel serves as a popular spot for prom and homecoming pictures to be taken because of its traditional aesthetic, and is a treasured landmark within the Granville community. “The chapel is easily the prettiest building on campus,” said junior Dilnoza Khuseynova.

Buxton Inn Gardens

As one of Granville’s oldest landmarks, the Buxton Inn is typically known for the ghosts that supposedly lurk within its walls. One of its largely overlooked and underrated features; however, is the garden that is located in the rear of the inn. With it having a plethora of different fountains and statues, the garden creates a relaxing atmosphere for both those eating in the restaurant as well as passers. “It’s a great place to take pictures,” senior Sophia Dunkin said. “Overall it just has a good vibe and it’s really nice to look at while you eat inside the Inn.”

Bryn Du Mansion

A common place to host several different events that occur within Granville, the Bryn Du Mansion serves as a staple of life in Granville. During the winter months, the mansion is a popular spot for sledding, while in spring it is common to see a game of polo being played across its expansive lawn. The lawn is the perfect spot for different outings, as well as informal games between friends and family. “The best part of [the mansion] is sitting at the front of it overlooking the lawn,” junior Olivia Beckett said. “Seeing all the open grass in front of you and the tree line is beautiful and relaxing, it’s the perfect place to watch sunsets!”

Denison Golf Course

Each of the 18 holes within the Denison Golf Club has different sights, such as ponds and streams, for players to view as they advance throughout the golf course. The golf course seamlessly blends with the neighborhood Bryn Du Woods and adds to the beauty of the neighborhood. In clear conditions, players are able to see all of downtown Granville while they are atop the highest hill, located at the 18th hole. “My dad claims it’s the best view in Granville and honestly I think he’s right. No matter what season it is, it’s always nice to look down at,” said senior Ainsley Chanda.

Sugarloaf Park

Located right in town, SugarLoaf Park is an easy and accessible way to enjoy the natural beauty that exists within downtown Granville. The park is the perfect place to go on a brisky walk with family members, friends and even pets. “I had never actually realized that Sugar Loaf Park was actually in town until this summer,” said sophomore Ruby Nelson. “It’s really pretty up there and not too many people go up there, so it’s very peaceful.”

Infirmary Mound Park

Infirmary Mound Park is home to several walking trails, and is only a short drive from downtown Granville. The park even includes a dog park, and is the perfect place to relax with all members of the family. “I take my dogs to the dog park there,” said senior Chloe DeMent. “It’s really nice to just let them run without having to keep them on a leash.”

Sigma Chi House

A popular place to host graduation parties, the Sigma Chi House at Denison is also a trademark of the Granville community. “It’s for sure one of the prettiest places on the Denison campus,” said sophomore Avery Koester.

The Granville Inn

The Granville Inn is one of the most iconic spots within the town, and is extremely well known throughout the community. The inn is a popular spot for many students to both take photos previous to both homecoming and prom because of its traditional aesthetic, and makes for a great background. “I’ve always liked how the inn looks,” said junior Gabbie Sargent. “It fits well with the town.”

The Denison Bio Reserve

The bio reserve is a popular spot for running, especially among the school’s track and cross country team. The reserve also serves as a spot to conduct research within classes at both Denison and the high school. It is a great place to take a walk and enjoy the beauty nature has to offer. “The bio reserve is a great place to take a nice relaxing walk,” said senior Nona Hunter.