10 Best Cafeteria Food Items


Gavin Robinson

Over the years school lunches have gone through many welcome changes, while also maintaining a list of well liked classic items. Many students and teachers have their own unique preferences on cafeteria food. The high school offers a wide variety of food items from sandwiches, international food, and desert, and many of them are delicious. However, there are always a few options that stand out from the rest.

Burrito Bowl

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Although taking last place on the list, the Burrito Bowl is nutritious and filling, and tastes good too. Any Agave option is going to be similarly good, but the Burrito Bowl reigns supreme for its versatility and low risk of making a mess. The versatility and consistency of the burrito bowl is paralleled by few other lunch options.

“The burrito bowl really reminds me of Chipotle” said senior Hadley Golomb.

Pizza Bagel

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While much newer on the many compared to pizza and stromboli, the pizza bagel has quickly been accepted as a preferable lunch option. Providing a unique eating experience when compared to pizza, the pizza bagel features the same classic tomato, bread, and cheese flavor in a more convenient form.

“It’s less greasy. They should have it more often” said junior Hunter Bennington.


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One of the most purchased items by volume, the Nutribar’s chocolate chip cookies are a popular dessert item. Many students enjoy buying several cookies to share with their friends at lunch. In fact, cafeteria worker Adam Miller states that cookies are by far one of the most popular items he sells.

“I sell about 400 a day” Adam said.

Bake Fish with Cheese

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Bake Fish with Cheese, while not popularly recognized as a lunch favorite, provides a break from typical sandwiches like the cheeseburger or a deli sandwich. The fish sandwich has a vastly different flavor and texture than other sandwiches. The cheese adds another unique layer to the sandwich, combining in an enjoyable way with the fish.

“The fish sandwiches are really delicious” said junior Sam Schmidt.

California Roll

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A newcomer to the lunchroom, the California Roll really mixes it up compared to many other lunch options. Sushi is as much of a culinary experience as it is a food, combining texture, flavor, and a convenient packaging. When looking for a break from the standard lunch foods, students should consider trying the California Roll. Through unique items like sushi, school lunch can introduce students to new cultural foods.

“When I eat the California Roll, I really feel like I’m in California” said senior Joe Welsh.

Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich

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While one of the simplest items on the menu, the PB&Js from the nutribar are tasty, vegan, and easy to eat even while working on homework. Adam is careful to secure the perfect balance between peanut butter and jelly. When your goal for lunch is to get nutrition with minimal hassle and time wastage, the PB&J is a standby option.

“The crust on the outside may be dry, but the inside is warm and fuzzy” said senior Gavin Ross.

Brunch Bar

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Breakfast food is great any time of the day. With the options like pancakes, sausage, eggs, and bacon, as well as maple syrup, every student can find something to enjoy. The fluffy scrambled eggs and pancakes provide great comfort for students looking to relax during lunch. Additionally, the maple syrup is provided by the school’s garden.

“There’s nothing better than breakfast at any other time of the day” said junior Charlie Wilson.


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Smooth and delicious, hummus is great with all kinds of food from the cafeteria. Hummus is one of the most critically underrated foods in the cafeteria. One popular item to get with hummus is pita bread. While many students may be put off of hummus due to its beige, homogeneous appearance, its highly versatile flavor profile makes it hard to dismiss.

“It rustles my jimmies, in the good way” said senior Sullivan Whitehead.

Grilled Cheese (and Tomato Soup)

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Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup had to come in second, as it’s so many student’s favorite entree. The cheese, bread, and tomato flavors are a classic savory combination. When the grilled cheese harmonizes with the tomato soup, not much else can compare.

“One thing I think of when eating grilled cheese and tomato soup is home” said senior Connor Smith.

Veggie Burger

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Another highly underrated lunch classic, Veggie Burgers have it all. As a sandwich, its portable and easy to eat. It is much more consistent in texture and quality in comparison to other burger options. Finally, the veggie burger is extremely customizable to any individual preference.

“Eating it is like pure euphoria” said senior Derick Bellofatto.