Man’s best friend makes life easier


Senior Maddie Vradenburg gets her two puppies to pose together in the sunshine.

Lauren Kiernan

Today is National Puppy Day. In celebration of man’s of best friend, here is a list of the cutest dogs in Granville. The list includes multiple breeds, with a mix of energetic pups and lazy pups. The list is in no particular order.


Woody poses on the deck with lots of fall leaves surrounding him. (Photo courtesy of Sarah Carpenter)

Woody is probably one of the most laid back dogs you’ll meet. He is a very good boy around the house and “never causes any trouble” according to his owner Sarah Carpenter. He is not one for toys. After he lost his favorite stuffed dog outside, nothing could compare to it, although he is starting to hang with his purple rhino more and more each day.


Bella returns from her spa day with a cute bow for remembrance. (Photo courtesy of Grace Portzline)

Bella is a very timid dog. She will bark at anything that goes by the house, whether it be cars, people or even a bird. She is easily frightened and will jump and hide at any sudden noise. Her favorite game to play is soccer. She will kick around the ball with her owner, senior Grace Portzline and as well with her father. She is very particular about a lot of things, one thing is hats. If someone comes in with a hat she will more than likely try to get it off. “She will bark at her water and we will have to move it to a different place just to get her to drink it,” Portzline said.


The Goodwin captures this photo of Walter around the time he was taken home. (Photo courtesy of Frances Goodwin)

Walter is a three-month-old rescue dog who was rescued from the Licking County Humaine Society on Christmas Eve by the Goodwin family. He loves to run, jump with all four paws off the ground, wear cute sweaters and play with everyone he meets. He does not like to go outside when it is cold and will do everything in his power from doing so. “He is still learning the best way to go down the stairs without falling,” owner senior Frances Goodwin said.


Loco strikes a pose when on a walk as a puppy. (Photo courtesy of Paige Grunden)

Loco always wants to go outside and play with sticks. He is energetic and runs around for hours without getting worn out. Now that he is older, he looks tougher then he actually he is. On a normal basis, small children make Loco very scared and will make him most likely run away or hide behind his owner senior Paige Grunden. “He likes to think he is a lap dog since he could fit when he was a pup, unfortunately now he just does not fit,” Grunden said.


On Christmas morning, Zoe poses in front of all of her gifts and her custom made stocking. (Photo courtesy of Kenzie Everett)

Zoe is one and a half years old. She is very crazy and energetic and loves to run and play. She will do anything for any type of treat, whether it is human food or dog food. “But when she is tired, she will literally sleep for hours,” owner junior Kenzie Everett said.


Scout relaxes on a rainy day and cuddles with owner Faith Blankemeyer. (Photo courtesy of Faith Blankemeyer)

Scout is a pretty lazy pup, which is understandable since he is eight-years-old. He is very cuddly and loves to be in small places, he even “sleeps in a basket full of blankets each night” owner senior Faith Blankemeyer said. He loves peanut butter and will find every sunspot in the windows to lay in.

Jax and Winston

Brothers, Jax and Winston bask in the sun together after a long day of playing. (Photo courtesy of Maddie Vradenburg)

Jax (on the left) is a very chunky guy even though he loves to lay on people’s lap even though he is not a lap dog. He will even sit on the top of the couch just so his fellow cat friend won’t get him. Winston (on the right) is crazy and almost always bouncing off the walls. He will play with everything even if he is not supposed to. “Even though he loves to play, when he is tired he loves to snuggle,” owner senior Maddie Vradenburg said.


Young Harvey hangs outside, which is his favorite place to be. (Photo courtesy of Ava Dirks)

Harvey is almost two and a Cockapoo, which is a mix between a cocker spaniel and a poodle. His favorite thing is his toy kong which his owner, sophomore Ava Dirks, will fill with treats and he’ll try to get them out. He is the perfect mix between lazy and energetic because he’s always down to run around but when it is time to sleep, he better not be woken up. “He loves to do anything outdoors. He could be running around or simply basking in the sun, as long as it is outside,” Dirks said.


On a sunny day, Toffee chills on the steps with the sunlight beaming down on her. (Photo courtesy of Maria Law)

Toffee is a very stubborn pup. She loves to take walks, eat human food since she refuses anything but, and of course the belly rubs. Toffee will do anything she can for attention from anyone. She never really plays around she mostly just wants to cuddle. “She acts like she owns everything,” owner senior Maria Law said.


On a cozy winter night, Nellie lays by the fire trying to warm up after being outside and playing in the snow. (Photo courtesy of Jojo Cacciato)

Nellie is a very chill dog. She is kind to everyone who comes near hear and will cuddle with anyone. She does not really like to play around but on occasion, she will play around with her stuffed dog. Owner Jojo Cacciato said, “She is very sweet-tempered and enjoys belly rubs.”