Relive your childhood through classic Disney Channel Original Movies


The Disney Original Movie section of the new Disney Plus streaming platform. BluePrints/Molly Wilson

Molly Wilson

For many years the Disney Channel Original Movies have been movies that define the childhood of Disney-watching children and captivate their audience no matter their age.

In light of the release of Disney plus and the easy access to these movies viewers may be in need of a refresher or list of the best Disney Channel Original Movies. These are movies that everyone must watch if they have this new streaming platform with added information about the effect that these movies have on the lives of those who watch them. 

“The Cheetah Girls” (2003)

“The Cheetah Girls” is a classic Disney Original that follows four teenage girls. These four girls battle normal teenage twists and turns while trying to navigate the difficult journey of becoming famous in the music industry.

This multi-movie series has become a staple Disney Original film and is one that continues to show those who watch it that a solid group of friends is the most important thing when growing up. 

The Cheetah Girls strays from Disney’s classic love story theme that is present in most of their Disney Channel movies. This change is a breath of fresh air and is a message that Disney should focus more on.

All three movies are on Disney plus thus making it the perfect series to watch with your best friends.

“Twitches” (2005) 

Focusing on twins, Tia and Tamera, “Twitches” is a film in which these twins discover their supernatural powers and put them to the test as they conquer darkness. Similar to “The Cheetah Girls”, “Twitches” shows how vital friendship and family is to success.

“Twitches” clever name is derived from the simple idea of twin witches. This name has become one every Disney Channel fan knows. This movie’s sequel “Twitches Too” Premiered in 2007 and is the perfect wrap up to the series.

Both of these movies are featured on Disney Plus and are perfect to watch with your family or siblings this winter break.

“High School Musical” (2006)

The “High School Musical” franchise is one of the most famous that Disney has debuted becuase it has proved itself as one that kids and teens of any age can relate to.

Younger kids might relate more heavily to the first movie in the series because it is set during the earlier years of high school. These kids are watching in hopes that their high school experience resembles that of Troy, Gabirella and their best friends.

The teenagers watching are comparing the high school experience that “High School Musical” portrays to theirs, wishing they could find a young love that compares to that of Troy and Gabriella.

Seniors relate especially to the last movie in the series, “Senior Year” because it is set during the spring of senior year. The “High School Musical” seniors are battling the inevitable split they will have to endure when high school comes to an end. Seniors who watch this particular movie from the series are going through these same experiences themselves, thus making “Senior Year” a movie they favor.

The fans are the reason why Troy and Gabriella are one of the most famous couples to come out of Disney. This series is one of the most binge worthy of Disney Originals that is featured on Disney Plus.

“Camp Rock” (2008)

“Camp Rock” is a classic Disney Original movie that features Demi Lovato and the Jonas Brothers. These stars were some of the biggest during 2008 and are half the reason this movie was such a hit.

The relationship between Shane and Mitchie, the hilarious moments between the three brothers, the random concerts, water fights and teenage drama are just a few moments from both movies that keep viewers watching.

Those watching wish that their summer camp was as cool as camp rock. These two movie series proved to viewers that when others test your patience and skill all you need to rely on your friends and support system to succeed through these tests.

“Minutemen” (2008)

“Minutemen” is among the most classic of Disney original movies. This movie premiered in 2008 and proved that no matter how big the task, even if it’s a world ending black hole, that a group of three teenage boys dressed up in white suits can save the day. 

Furthermore, it showed younger viewers that when you get yourself in a tough situation with extreme consequences putting all your brain power together and creating a solution to the problem is a key part in reversing the effects. 

This is a jaw dropping and suspenseful Disney Original, thus being another that strays from Disney’s picture perfect love story. In fact, it doesn’t focus on a love story at all. This is the perfect movie for those interested in watching an entertaining movie that has only one focus, three teenage boys.

“Princess Protection Program” (2009)

This movie features real life and on screen best friends, Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez and is the most underrated Disney Original Movie. This star filled film shows how two-girls from completely different backgrounds and environment can work together and overcome their differences to become a force to be reckoned with. 

These women are stronger than anyone imagined, furthering the idea that strength lies in places you might not expect it.

“Starstruck” (2010)

When a midwestern girl travels to L.A. and unexpectedly falls in love with a superstar it is clear that her life is no longer her own. “Starstruck” focuses on the detrimental effects that paparazzi can have on superstars and their friends and families. This is an extremely important movie for young pre-teens to watch because it is a light hearted and funny way to show how life-changing fame can be. 

Furthermore, this movie shows kids that the lives of superstars are, in some way, no longer their own due to the press, thus proving it to be one of the most important and hard hitting movies Disney released as an Original. 

“Lemonade Mouth” (2011)

“Lemonade Mouth” focuses on five high school students who unexpectedly become a band. The movie follows these teens on a journey of love, friendship, heartbreak and unity, showing younger viewers that high school might not be easy, however a solid group of friends will help you get through it. 

This movie also shows kids how important their voice, encouraging them to “be heard, be strong, be proud” in their hit song “Here We Go”.

Friendships are some of the most important relationships in our lives and Disney uses these original movies, especially Lemonade Mouth, to prove this fact. This is one of the most entertaining and heartwarming Disney Original Movies and is one that everyone must watch.

“Cloud 9” (2014)

“Cloud 9” is a more recent Disney Original film as it was released in 2014. This movie depicts a young teenage snowboarder who has been lied to for years about her talent. When she realizes that she is not as good as she believed she decides that she needs to prove to the world that she can truly be great.

This movie does portray an underlying love story, however, the main focus of the film is the snowboarding competition “Fire and Ice” where the main characters debut their new and improved skills.

This is a must see movie in which children and teenagers realize that through hard work and dedication anything is possible.

This is a unique idea for a film and is something that every Disney fan needs to watch or re-watch this film immediately.