“The King” takes the crown

Timothy Chalamet stars King Henry V in the original Netflix series The King. Source: Netflix

Timothy Chalamet stars King Henry V in the original Netflix series “The King.” Source: Netflix

jake barry

The King released on Netflix on Nov. 1, this year. The movie was directed by David Michod who is also responsible for directing the award winning “Animal Kingdom.” The movie borrows events from Shakespeare’s “Henriad” series, and stars Timothee Chalamet, Joel Edgerton, Sean Harris, Lily-Rose Depp, Robert Pattinson and Ben Mendelsohn.

Those who care about historical accuracy might have complaints about this film, but the average viewer wouldn’t notice most of the things that are not correct (armor not being accurate to the time period, some events being changed). Something history buffs might like however is that no swords cut through the armor the knights in the film wear, instead the fighting in the movie could almost be called medieval WWE.

I will not cover all of the characters, only king Henry and the people who spend the most time around him during the film. Timothee does a great job in his role as Henry V, he is a young man who has great disdain for his father and this leads him to spend most of his time in taverns instead of in the castle among nobles. His actions cause his father, who’s health is quickly declining, to make his younger brother Thomas heir to the throne.

When Henry follows Thomas and his army to a battle, he steals his younger brothers glory by challenging the enemy to a duel and winning. His brother dies later in battle and his father passes from an illness.

Chalamet does a great job portraying a young man who is forced into a role he had been running from for years. He is suddenly surrounded by people who do not want him as king or people who want to manipulate him so they can forward their goals. The character is written very well, he is uncertain of where his life is going but he quickly becomes decisive and fearless after seeing people close to him die.

Falstaff, who is played by Joel Edgerton, is a knight who becomes a drunkard but is a close friend to the young king. He offers advice to the king because he can not trust anyone else, and he is a guide for Henry.

The Dauphin, played by Robert Pattinson, is an arrogant heir who harasses Henry as he advances through France. Pattinson fits into the role perfectly, with a slightly strange French accent.

Sean Harris plays William Gascoigne, the Chief Justice of England. He is a close adviser to the king who seems wise but is not entirely trustworthy, and is a man with slightly mysterious motives.

The movie features beautiful scenery throughout England and Hungary, many of the films scenes take place within Berkeley Castle in England. The film features beautiful shots from flaming catapult balls flying through the night to dimly lit castle rooms to open ground with dozens of gleaming knights.

“The King” keeps the viewer on their toes through the constant deceit in Henry’s newly elected kingship and the war against the French. The only gripe I have against the movie is its name; “The King” is pretty unimaginative and overused.