Brown clears up snow day rumors



Finally, after months of trudging through the mounds of snow and shivering in the negative temperatures, we’ve reached the month of March. Although we passed the opportunity for another snow day, a lot of students are still wondering about makeup days.

Over the last few months, there have been a total of eight snow days, but the school district has actually been counting the hours we are out, not just the days.

“Our calendar for this year has far exceeded the state minimum hours,” Superintendent Jeff Brown said.

Mr. Brown and his staff have been working together to know when it is best to have a two hour delay or to cancel school.

“Our Transportation Supervisor and several other drivers check road conditions is bad weather is anticipated,” Brown said. “We check four or five areas of the district that tend to be the most problematic in poor weather.   We coordinate at 5:15 to make a decision.  I make the final decision based on all of the information I have at the time.”

He and his staff also use other sources to confirm their decision.

“Many other factors including the weather forecast or radar, likelihood of improvement, temperature and wind chill are other considerations when making a decision,” Brown said. ” The safety of our students is my primary concern.”

Many students are worried about the idea of having more days tacked on to the year, especially seniors, who have been hearing rumors about receiving fake diplomas, coming back to school after graduation or even making up days during Spring Break.

“There are no plans to have seniors make up days,” Brown said. “We are planning for the seniors to graduate on the scheduled day.”

In order to make up  some of the days, students and teachers have been utilizing snow day work, also known as “Blizzard Bags” in order to stay on schedule.

“Our goal is to have students in class as much as possible,” said Brown.  “You cannot replace having the students with their teachers, the Blizzard Bags are the best of a less than ideal situation.”

Hopefully, March brings better weather.