Ask Andy

What advice do you have for the new school year?
For the upcoming freshman class I tell you to tread lightly around the school. Your goal is to not be seen or heard by any upperclassmen so that they will not attack you. The seniors are filled with confidence and believe they are all powerful. They will show you that you are the fresh meat and they are the veterans. You should create a tunneling system under the school in order to get from class to class without being seen.
Sophomores are the invisible ones because they are not the new toy on the block but they are also not an upperclassmen so you are in the forgotten zone. You should probably do all your homework and get good grades because that will make up for the time in the next two years when you do nothing.
Juniors are finally considered upperclassmen and have some power over the young freshmen and can walk through the halls a little taller. This year is where early onset senioritiss can begin to kick in and you don’t do any work. You must fight through that to pass your junior year so you can relax as a senior.
Senior year is basically just a formality; we are kept around just make sure the juniors have something to work for. Make your teachers happy, but spend the rest of the time sleeping in the senior lounge and making up ways to entertain yourself. Just survive, grade-wise, to graduate.