Top ten date night movies



Looking for a little inspiration for a last minute date night movie? Here’s a list of ten movies that are perfect for a night in, whether it’s with a date or just friends. 

1.     “The Notebook”

When Allie and Noah fall in love, everything seems wonderful, but as time goes on life gets in the way and things become increasingly complicated. This is a classic Valentine’s movie that leaves everyone a little teary eyed and is perfect for a girls night if going out on Valentine’s Day isn’t your thing.

2.     “When in Rome”

Beth finds out the hard way that you should never steal coins out of the fountain of love after she is stuck being pursued by five love-struck men. It’s a perfect feel good movie if you’re looking for a something that isn’t too serious or stuffy to watch on a first date.

3.     “Crazy Stupid Love”

After Cal’s wife asks for a divorce, he is forced to get back into dating, and living, with the help of a new friend. The movie follows several different characters and their stories all intertwine. Funny and passionate, the movie will make you laugh and maybe even cry with its witty banter and fun characters. There’s also Ryan Gosling. So. There’s that.

4.     “The Proposal”

A high-maintenance book editor forces her assistant to marry her after she is threatened to be deported. While visiting his family, they both discover that there’s more to each other than they could have ever imagined. Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds have a very interesting chemistry, which takes the movie to a whole different level. Not to mention that Betty White plays Reynolds’s grandmother in the movie and is a very interesting character.

5.     “A Walk to Remember”

Total opposites Landon and Jamie are forced together after Landon has to do community service, including participating in the school play where he stars alongside Jamie. This heartbreaking story, much “The Notebook,” is definitely a tear-jerker and more on the serious side. However, it’s still a perfect romantic movie to watch if you’re looking for something that isn’t just comedy.

6.     “Hitch”

A “date doctor” is stunned to find out that maybe he’s not all he’s worked himself out to be while working with a client and trying to take care of his own love life. Because it has both Will Smith and Kevin James, it’s something that appeals to everyone and is definitely a movie that everyone should see at least once.

7.     “50 First Dates”

When Henry falls in love with Lucy, things become incredibly complicated when he discovers that she has short term memory loss and cannot remember him the day after they met. This funny, yet strangely sad film is great first date movie if you want to just relax and enjoy the perfect balance of romance and comedy.

8.     “Date Night”

A normal, middle-aged couple finds themselves in the middle of some serious trouble after an unfortunate case of mistaken identity. The action, comedy and a little romance make this a great option if you can’t decide what kind of movie to watch. It has a little bit of everything!

9.     “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”

After Peter’s celebrity girlfriend dumps him, Peter decides to go on a vacation only to discover that his ex and her new boyfriend are staying at the same hotel. This hilarious movie is perfect for both a date night movie and a breakup movie as it is based around new relationships and old relationships.

10.     “P.S. I Love You”

After Holly’s husband dies, she discovers that he has left her a series of ten messages to help her move on and to ease the pain of his death. Because this deals with death, it is a very emotionally heavy movie. However, the romantic aspects and occasional funny scenes make it a perfect option for a movie night.