OPINION: Valentine’s Day is pointless



Valentine’s Day is for many a very special day. I see it as more of a pointless holiday.

Why does any girl feel the need to have their boyfriend buy her chocolate and something expensive? It’s right after Christmas (which your boyfriend probably already bought you a gift for).

If you love someone and want to show it, then you should be doing it everyday not just one day out of the year.

An ideal Valentine’s Day for me isn’t going out and spending tons of money on pointless things. I would much rather stay in and cook for the person I love and just watch movies.

A perfect (no cost) gift for Valentine’s Day is a simple hand-made card. That way your significant other knows you love them and it’s something they can keep forever.

Keep it low key, and ladies, don’t make your man buy you something expensive for the sake of showing it off! Enjoy a day filled with love and lots of laughs.